GHfind Content Now Being Published Under Its Own Blog

GHexpat is intended to be a blog primarily about my experiences in Ghana and more specifically from a humble expatriate's perspective.  But in recent months, I've also been including content related to GHfind.  

GHfind is a project I started a few years back, who's ultimate goal is to serve as a comprehensive, searchable-online database of businesses in Ghana.  The reason I decided to include its blog posts here is because in combining them with GHexpat, then articles will be published more regularly.

I would love to write more about my personal experiences and observations, but these days I'm indoors a lot more than vice versa.  Also, I've been in Ghana so long that a lot of things which would be new and fresh to foreign readers, I've grown accustomed to and sometimes miss out on realizing their potential value until it's too late.  For instance, just earlier today one of the young homeys gave the back of the house a good weeding.  And it's only now, as I write this unrelated post, that I'm perceiving that I should have captured some footage and turned that event into article, as there's a lot to be gathered for those who aren't experienced with the process.

That said, perhaps separating GHfind's content from GHexpat will also give me a clearer head in terms of realizing such opportunities.  Henceforth, the GHfind blog will be under the project's own domain.  In other words, it's being hosted through WordPress, as with the main site itself.

In the past, I haven't been particularly keen on blogging through WordPress.  And I would still recommend Blogger to those who are just learning how to blog or don't want to spend as much time maintaining one, since it's a lot less intimidating than WordPress, given the latter's innumerable plugins, etc.  In fact, the original GHfind blog, which I worked from 2017 to 2021, was hosted through Blogger, and I intend to republish some of that old content in the next couple of weeks.  But since it was created with Blogger, then I'm going to have to do so (without actually reformatting the posts) under GHexpat.


So it's only the newer GHfind posts, those published from yesterday onward, that will be on the new WordPress blog.  And its URL is


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