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"Pure Water" vs. Bottled Water (in Ghana)

“Pure water” is the primary form of drinking water in Ghana.   Some Ghanaians drink water from the tap, bottle or, in places where you may find them, even the likes of clean streams and lakes.   But the primary form of water consumption, based on what I’ve observed, is via pure water.   A conventional sachet of "pure water" "Pure water" basically consists of about a couple of cup’s worth of drinking water (i.e. 500ml) placed within a small, handheld, mostly see-through plastic bag, which is locally referred to as a "sachet".    If you weren’t brought up in this type of system, drinking this way may seem uncomfortable and does take some getting used to.   I found it weird at first but eventually got accustomed to it.   However, I was reminded of how unconventional pure water was, from a Westerner’s perspective, when one of my homeys from the States came over to visit.   And he was like ‘how do y’all drink water out of those little bags’? As my time progre

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