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The Internet Outage in Ghana (Day 4): Let the Disinformation Begin

A couple of articles I came across from locally-based websites over the past couple of days while researching the current internet outage gives the impression that at the source of the problem lies in "cut" undersea cables located in neighboring Ivory Coast , nearby Senegal and to a lesser extent  Portugal .  This apparent half-truthing has been buttressed by innumerable other sites, many of which are international, due to the ambiguity of the information they have provided. From the start of the outage, I was under the impression that the "cut" cables may be an act of terrorism.  That's because in late February, I read  an article on Infowars which stated that Houthi (i.e. Yemenese) rebels severed major internet cables in the Red Sea .  So I thought that perhaps there was some type of global conspiracy going on, i.e. a multinational terrorist organization destroying internet cables, yet those in the know being reluctant to specify who. In a way that presump

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