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The Internet Outage in Ghana (Conclusion)

THE PROBLEM WAS EXPEDITIOUSLY RESOLVED I'll be honest and admit that I thought the internet outage which Ghana and a number of other African countries began experiencing about a month ago was going to take a lot longer to resolve than it actually did.  But still, going approximately a week without connectivity was quite harrowing, especially for those of us who depend on the 'net for our livelihood.  And I can imagine that some residents, i.e. those who work for foreign entities that rely heavily on deadlines, may have even lost their jobs due to being forced offline like that. The ever-colorful Kai Cenat popped up in GH last month .  Unfortunately, he did so at the time when the internet was basically nonfunctional. To give an example of what I mean, Kai Cenat , the A list social media star from NYC, came to Ghana on March 13th, the day before the outage began.  Of course, being an online personality devoid of connectivity, he had to cut his visit short and bounced after only

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