Freeware Review: Equalizer Pro

I recently started using a new android (Tecno W2) which unfortunately, unlike another more-basic Tecno phone I used some time ago, features a painfully-low volume level.  So I began looking for freeware to rectify the situation.

First I came across DFX Music Player Enhancer which apparently is made by the same company that produces the DFX Audio Enhancer for Windows, which happens to be excellent software for edifying (and increasing) your computer's audio output.  DFX Music Player Enhancer increased the audio of the android slightly but again only works for music files and not videos, and video volume is even worse on the W2.  So I began to searching for additional, system-wide options:

A screenshot of Equalizer Pro (Free) via APKMonk

Then I came across Equalizer Pro, and although the overall audio isn't as loud as I'd want it to be (especially via ear buds) it is much better.  The funny thing about this software is that if you activate it's extensive equalizer (as pictured above) the audio seemingly plays at a lower level, but if you keep the software installed while simultaneously deactivating the equalizer you will get the desired effect.  So I'll be using Equalizer Pro into the foreseeable future until I find an even louder alternative.