Uncompleted Houses w/ Land for Sale @ Gbetsile (Greater Accra Region)

Recently my lil homey Latif got the scoop on some uncompleted houses for sale in a part of Greater Accra known as Gbetsile.  Moreover the sales' package includes the land upon which the houses are situate.  In other words if you purchase the house then you get the piece of land underneath it also.  And there are three houses in total, located in a gated community.  Additionally each individual house, with its land, cost GH¢65,000 - or $11,400 in American currency.


This is what we refer to as development real estate.  The fact that the foundation and other parts of the house are already built (as shown in the pics) saves the buyer the cost and hassle of having to do so on their own.  That is to say that they can just finish what the original builders have already started.

Gbetsile is a part of the Greater Accra Region that some people may not have heard of.  I've never been there myself, but looking at it on Google Earth the most-general way to describe its location is as being off the Tema-Akosombo Road, in-between Afienya and Ashaiman.  And if you're traveling down that road from the Eastern Region into Accra, it is on the right side of the street.

The seller described the location of the houses as being "behind Michel Camp", which would mean Michel Camp (a military base in Ashaiman) is the nearest landmark and perhaps most-accessible way to reach the site.  She has also specified that it is a 20 minute drive from Appolonia City, which is a major housing development near the Oyibi-Dodowa Road.  So another way of looking at it is that the site where the houses/lands are located is in-between Afienya and Oyibi, though more on the Afienya side.

And speaking of the seller, it is a young lady by the name of Sumayatu Abdulai who is a representative of the Accra-based Faim Real Estate company.  And she can be contacted at telephone number 020-503-9849 (including Whatsapp).



I know there's nothing wrong with dreaming, and if I had the dough myself I'd probably buy all three of these houses.