GHfind Database Reaches 1000th Entry (Finally)

This past week GHfind reached a milestone, as the 1000th business entity has been added to the database.  Yes, it took a lot longer to reach this point then I had idealized.  But the truth of the matter is that maintaining the database is very-painstaking work, which I don't always have as much time to dedicate to as I would like.  But still a milestone is a milestone and something to be celebrated.  And the fact that the site has been attracting an increasing number of visitors in recent months indicates that GHfind is in and of itself viable.

A screenshot of the current GHfind
Business Contact Information Submission page.

For the most part, I have been doing the data collection for compiling the database myself.  And at this rate, considering that there are innumerable businesses in Ghana, it may never be completed in my lifetime.  That is why I put a page up on the website whereas visitors can submit their own business-contact information.  Said page hasn't quite caught on as I intended, and I will be updating it soon, once again upon finding time to do so.  But in the meantime it is still functional and very easy-to-use.  So if you do want to submit your information to be included in the database, you can do so via URL

Also I'm always looking for people to go out and do data collection on behalf of GHfind.  It's a pretty easy job which anyone with a functioning android/camera and time on their hands can perform.  Also in most cases I should be able to pay said employee on the same day I receive the information.  This type of work would be ideal for say a student looking to earn a bit of extra money.  So if anyone out there is interested, you can hit me up via Whatsapp @ 050-537-0677.

Also just to note for the record, the 1,000th business entity added to the database was Give Way Hotel, which is located in Mankraso, a part of the Ashanti Region.


Let's hope that this project moves forward fruitfully, for at the end of the day it is meant to benefit us all.