Stop Warring in the Ukraine

I would presume that as with myself, reading the news brings that "wars and rumor of wars" quote to mind with many other people also.  In other words there always tends to be at least one war going on that's worth worrying about even if you don't live anywhere near the battlezone, and/or what feels like the ever-increasing prospect of a bigger conflict breaking out.  That's how it is with the current Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  On one hand the situation reads like a beef between neighbors.  But on the other, all types of other states have also become involved, including the likes of the United States and China, who have their own respective beef which is being played out in the Ukraine, a situation that some already consider to be a proxy war.


Recently, I had the opportunity to study World War I and World War II in a pretty in-depth way.  The latter was basically an extension of the former.  And as for WWII, it's debatable whether it ever actually ended anyway.

Yes, wars do have their official beginning and end dates, and according to the history books WWII did conclude in 1945.  But quite a few later conflicts, such as the Korean War and Vietnam War, were basically extensions of World War II.  In fact even this current beef between the United States and China over Taiwan began via WWII.

The US and Russia were akin to allies during that terrible conflict, but not soon afterwards, when many countries were compelled to choose sides or even split in half due to communist vs. capitalist issues, they proceeded to become de facto enemies, i.e. superpowers that if were to go to war directly, all of us would somehow end up paying the price.

So it's as if World War II did conclude but never actually ended.  Just as WWII had left millions of people dead, so have the resultant conflicts.  The Cold War that followed has been highlighted by proxy wars between the likes of the United States and Russia, each trying to spread their influence or protect their established territories.  That's the world we were born into, folks, where superpowers are fighting each other indirectly incessantly, while the most of us are praying that no one ever actually pushes the button, thus possibly causing a nuclear holocaust based on current defense strategies in case of such an eventuality.

There's have been anti-war rallies around the world throughout this month,
including in places like the US, Canada, the UK, Germany and France.


So yes, as for me personally, I do wish they would stop fighting in the Ukraine.  I wish President Zelensky would cool down; I wish President Biden would stop fanning the flames, and I also wish that all parties involved would expeditiously come to a peace agreement, even if it is introduced by China.

But again, that's not the world we live in.  Or let's say that even if the Russo-Ukrainian War, which has actually been going on for about a decade now, were to end tomorrow, undoubtedly another conflict which is just as scary in the grand scheme of things will eventually pop up.


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