GHfind Back Online

After a 6+ month hiatus, I finally got GHfind back online this past week.  And I'm hoping that this time around, I can generate more time, energy and funds to dedicate to the project and keep it internet active.

A typical market scene from Kumasi, capital of the Ashanti Region.
Many of such sellers could do better if they were able to
establish an online presence.

I don't really want to use this post to talk too much about GHfind's purpose and history, as that can be gathered through the site's About page.  But basically, it's an online-searchable database featuring the contact information of Ghanaian businesses (or outside business entities related to Ghana).  The long-term vision is that eventually, said businesses will submit their own contact information.  But as it currently stands, I'm gathering and compiling the data myself, with the help of my homey/employee Latif.

My plan for the immediate future, i.e. the next 3-4 weeks, is instead of adding more entries to the database to rather start transitioning GHfind into WordPress.  Theoretically, that should make the site more attractive, responsive and hopefully easier to manage.  And the progress of that objective, once I began it next week, can be monitored via the URL

I also had a GHfind blog up but recently took it down.  I figured it'd be more convenient to just incorporate it into GHexpat.  So I will republish some of the old GHfind posts here.  In other words, any post that you see on GHexpat which predates 2023 was originally part of the GHfind blog.

Anyway, I hope you find time to regularly visit and derive some type of pleasure or value from doing so.  They say that successful entrepreneurs are those who are able to solve pressing issues in creative ways.  And I think this site can potentially mitigate what I perceive as a viable impediment to business in Ghana, which is lack of a comprehensive, easy-to-use and publicly assessible assemblage of the various parties involved.