GHfind Back Online (Again)

I was able to successfully get GHfind back online yesterday, after it had been down for a few days, which, I feel a need to point out, was not due to any fault on the part of the local hosting company.  The one good thing about the whole ordeal is that now, the WordPress or "Beta" version of the site, which is more attractive than the original, is at the forefront, serving as the homepage.  However, this is something I was hoping to work on a bit longer before outing like that.  So even though the basic functionality, which is the online-searchable database, is operational, other aspects of the site are and will remain into the foreseeable a work in progress.

For example, you may notice that there's now an option to login at the top of the page.  That's the result of a WordPress plugin known as BuddyPress which I'm trying to incorporate into GHfind for the primary purpose of allowing visitors to privately chat with each other.  But actually getting it all to work has proven a lot more difficult than idealized.  So hopefully I'll be able to figure out BuddyPress soon, find a different plugin to serve the same purpose or perhaps in the meantime set up something like a group chat page.

Either way, I'm as excited for the future of GHfind as I've ever been.  Whether or not using WordPress is actually 'easier' than conventional site building is a matter of perspective, because there are some things you can do the old way for free that you have to pay for with WordPress.  The latter requires a deceptively significant amount of coding also, to make a site really look how you want it.  But WordPress definitely makes websites easier to structure and manipulate, even though a lot of research and experimentation is involved.  And as for the old version of GHfind, I do intend to reupload it, at the subdomain, in the near future.